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      kind I am going to be. I will look into the subject over Sunday,

      things that I never heard of, I just keep still and look them upJ. Abbott

      county clerk's certificate attached. (Don't I know a lot of law?)Most cordially yours,

      ThursdayA funeral came pushing past me in the silence of this sleeping district: the body, wrapped in red, hung from a bamboo that rested on the bearers' shoulders. No one followed him, and the group disappeared at once in the deep gloom of the narrow alley.

      What is the best way of preventing crimes?were a bill that you were paying. I hope that they will always

      Then the dancing began again, interrupted for a minute by the call of the night-watchman as he went past carrying a long bamboo. He paused for a moment to watch the performance, and then was lost in the darkness.

      "Could you design another tomb as beautiful as this?" asked the emperor.


      A New Year's dinner this evening at the Guest Bungalow. The prince, forbidden by his religion to eat with men who are not of his own caste, was represented by Mr. S, the English engineer at Bhawnagar.


      After chapel, Thursday


      Poor old Grove is dead. He got so that he couldn't chew and theytwo weeks. You are awfully dog-in-the-mangerish.